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Vintage Ad Category: Health & Medical

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Cancer Cure Ad - B.F. Byes Sanitarium Cancer Cure that appeared in Black Cat Magazine, December 1899 on page xx.
This is a real ad for Gardner's Chill Pills Cure that appeared in the North Carolina Christian Advocate, June 4, 1902, page 14.
Tonsiline, Harrisburg Telegraph, December 5, 1907, page 8.
Manly Men Otterbourg Electro-Medical Institute, Pittsburg Press , June 25, 1902, page 4.
Vacuum Organ Developer, Omaha Daily Bee, March 10, 1901, page 9.
Dr. Lutz's Vaginal Bulb Nozzle Syringe Ad, National Republican, January 9, 1886 page 2.
Dr. Lawrence's Vacuum Developer for Debilitated Men, San Francisco Call. January 4, 1903, page 30.
Allen's Antiseptic Corn Plasters, Pittsburg Press, June 25, 1902, page 2.
"Perfect Manhood Restored," Philadelphia Inquirer, March 10, 1900, page 10.
Epilepsy or Fits Ad, Quad-City Times, January 25, 1873, page 2
Vintage Renswick Artificial Plastic Eyes advertisement from the March 12, 1948 publication of the Detroit Free Press.
Vintage Ad for Aurex Hearing Aid that appeared in the April 16, 1944 issue of the Philadelphia Inquirer.
Vintage Ad for Ben-Gay Analgesique Baume which appeared in the April 21, 1946 issue of the Louisville Courier-Journal.
Vintage Ad for Weak Glands treatment by Dr. Ipp originally appeared in the January 2, 1949 issue of the Los Angeles Times.
Vintage ad for Craig's Heroin Compound Advertisement appeared on page 1 of the May 1, 1906 issue of the Stanford Interior Journal.


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