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1928: Couple Waits 60 Years to Marry

(This Footnote to History article was printed on page 28 in the September 23, 1928 edition of the Tampa Bay Times, and is reprinted word-for-word below.)

Two Lovers Marry After Waiting for Sixty Years

ROME, Sept. 22.—An unusually ro­mantic marriage, which took place at Pedagaggi, Sicily, has created con­siderable comment in Italy. Two oc­togenarians, Pasquale Sgalambro and Marianna Maramzano, children of the soil, were married in the parish church, where there was such a congregation as had never before been seen gathered together, while those who had come in from neighboring villages thronged the town to wish good luck to bride and bridegroom.

For 60 long years, Marianna had waited for her Pasquale to return from the distant city whither he had gone, a handsome young man. when Marianna’s parents refused to allow thorn to marry. For 60 long years, she had shut herself up in the par­ental cottage, refusing several offers of marriage, and only appearing in public to attend early mass on Sun­days and saints’ days.

At last, Pasquale came back, bowed with his 😯 years, still single. still thinking of his old sweetheart. And when he found she had been faithful to him and that there were no longer any parents or other relations to in­terfere. he asked her to share what remained of his already Iona life, and enjoy, in peace, the little nest egg he had put by. The Milanese “Corriere della Sera,” which, like other Important Italian papers, dedicated an article to the touching little episode, remarks that the couple have really gained by their long years of waiting. Had they married 60 years ago they would now be nothing more than two com­panions, associates, or friends. Perhaps they would have disliked one another by this time. Instead, in their old age, they are able to begin life anew, with the rosy light of romance to guide them. They ought to be grateful to their once obdurate parents who made it possible.

Original article from  September 23, 1928.
Original article from September 23, 1928.
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