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1937: Miss Stumpf to Become Bride of Mr. Zumpft (Footnote)

(This Footnote to History article was printed on page 1 of the January 21, 1937 edition of the Dayton Daily, and is reprinted word-for-word below.)

Miss Stumpf to Become Bride of Mr. Zumpft


”What’s in a name?” philosophized Frederick Zumpft today as he completed plans for a public wedding Feb. 6 in which pretty Miss Alida Stumpf will become his bride.

The Zumpft-Stumpf ceremony is to be a feature of the annual Cleveland food show. The Rev. Walter Klein, Evangelical Lutheran clergyman, will read the marriage vows.

“Romance is the thing,” Zumpft continued. “We’ve been waiting seven years—since high school days.”

The prospective bridegroom became biblical.

“After all, Jacob worked seven years for Rachel, and then got Leah instead—and not much of a wedding either. I figure I’m a lucky man.”

“Mrs. Alida Stumpf Zumpft —I challenge you to say it fast,” said Miss Stumpf, blond winner of a recent Germania Turnverein beauty contest. “It won’t be much of a change in name. Just move back the t and change the s to z.”

Stumpf-Zumpft marriage license.
Stumpf-Zumpft marriage license.
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