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$20,000 in Ice Cream in Will

When Mrs. Clementine Farr Duff died on February 6, 1937, her estate was valued in excess of one million dollars (nearly $17 million today). She left a sizeable chunk of the money to thirteen individuals, which included her chauffeur, maid, butler, laundress, and others.

But there was still plenty of money left to distribute and a good portion of it went to churches, organizations for the blind, girl scouts, boy scouts, hospitals, and other non-profits.

Two of her requests would be considered unusual, even by today’s standards:

First, she left $100,000 to the Washington Home for the Incurables, with the stipulation that every member of the governing board had to be Protestant to get the money. As you could probably guess, that money was never awarded.

Second, a $20,000 ($334,000 today) trust fund was set up to supply patients and employees of the same institution, whether Protestant or not, with “generous quantities” of ice cream.

That’s a LOT of ice cream!

Man with Ice Cream Cones
Man with Ice Cream Cones
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