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Bars Glue in Ice Cream

It was reported in February of 1920 that the Board of Health in New York was about to ban the use of glue in the manufacture of ice cream.

It seems that some of the ice cream manufacturers had been substituting the glue for gelatin because it could be obtained at a lower price.

Specifically, the new rule said, “ice cream shall be deemed adulterated if it contains less than 8 per cent. of milk fat, more than seven-tenths of 1 per cent. gelatin, or other harmless vegetable gum; if it contains any rancid, renovated or processed butter, or if it contains in whole or in part any filthy or decomposed substances which may render the ice cream injurious to health; if it contains any added poisonous ingredients or ingredient which may render it injurious to health.”

1885 Ad for Stickphast's Office Paste Glue
1885 Ad for Stickphast’s Office Paste Glue that appeared on page 284 of Monsieur At Home.

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