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Eleuterio the Parrot

Back in 1965, an 86-year-old Brazilian woman named Dona Maria Consuelo complained to the police that her neighbor Adam Camara was constantly screaming vulgar and insulting comments at her. An officer investigated and discovered that none of those words were coming from Camara’s lips. Instead, they were coming from his green and yellow talking parrot named Eleuterio.

The detective took the bird back to the station and soon the parrot was a national celebrity. Viewers of a local TV show, who had tuned in solely to hear the parrot blurt out his vulgarities, were sorely disappointed to find out that the bird was not allowed to talk while on air.

Next thing you know, leaflets were circulating in the city of Duque de Caxias urging its citizens to elect the bird to be the city councilman. Election officials assured the public that any votes for an animal would automatically be disqualified, but the event did manage to provide Eleuterio with his 15-minutes of fame.

Eleuterio the Parrot was elected to a city council in Brazil.
Sketch of Eleuterio the parrot originally appeared on page 7 of the May 30, 1965 publication of the Cincinnati Enquirer.
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