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Footnote – 1937: Santa Claus Has Trouble Getting Down This Chimney

(This article originally appeared on page 1 of the December 29, 1937, publication of the Reno Evening Gazette and is reprinted word-for-word below.)

Santa Claus Has Trouble Getting Down This Chimney

SAN ANTONIO, Tex., Dec. 29 (AP) — It’s happened.

The accident children always fear—that Santa Claus might get stuck

in a chimney — happened before their very eyes here last night.

Santa started down a specially built chimney at a Salvation Army home party and became wedged in the walls. He could budge neither up nor down. Frantic attendants went to his aid; finally pulled him down.

One hundred childish faces lined with dismay, broke into smiles; a very nonchalant Santa went about the business of distributing his gifts.

Sometimes Santa Claus gets stuck in chimneys...
Sometimes Santa Claus gets stuck in chimneys…
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