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Here’s a story for those that buy into the whole NASA conspiracy – you know – that no one ever stepped foot on the moon.  This is sure to add some more fuel to that fire.

It was reported on August 6th of 1971 that the color video camera left behind by astronauts David Scott and James Irwin during the Apollo 15 mission worked great as it transmitted their liftoff from Earth’s only natural satellite.  

Then it was NASA’s turn to remotely operate the camera.  It failed almost immediately.

Astronaut Joe Allen, who was not aboard Apollo 15, commented, “It was almost as if someone had turned it off.”  

Possibly so.  You see, there were some space writers who claimed that they saw something moving just before the camera died.

One author attributed it to the shadow of the flag left behind fluttering in the breeze, but quickly realized that couldn’t be true.  The moon lacks an atmosphere, so there are no breezes there.

Maybe the doubters are correct.  Could this have been faked and filmed on Earth?


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