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Girl Sues Boy

On January 21, 1916, in Reading, Pennsylvania where a 10-year-old girl named Florence Miller was awarded damages in her lawsuit against 14-year-old Oscar Lenhart. Oscar claimed in court that Florence had tattled on him to their teacher.  

In an act of revenge, he waited for her after school and pushed Florence into a gutter, injuring her arm.  The resulting injury supposedly caused cancer to develop in her arm, which was later amputated.  The suit, filed by Florence’s dad on her behalf sought $12,960.52 in damages.  That’s about $275,000 in today’s money.  That total came from adding together the $10,000 value of the farm that Oscar’s late father had bequeathed him upon his mother’s passing, $2,000 to Florence’s father for the loss of her services, and $960.52 in medical expenses.  In the end, Florence was awarded $913.54, which I presume was to cover the medical costs.

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