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He Liked to Hear the Glass Tinkle

On the evening of June 2, 1959, New Orleans police received a call from a man who claimed to have smashed a window on Bourbon Street.  Five minutes later the police received another call that he had smashed another window at a nearby music store.  Both times, the police responded quickly, but the man was already gone.  

But that didn’t stop him.  Next, he picked up a sewer cover and threw it through the window of a department store down the street.  This time he was restrained by onlookers but managed to get away.  

Just what did he do next?  He walked into a drugstore and called police once again.

And this time the police got their man.  He was identified as a waiter named Jean Jacques Bruneau and they booked him for criminal mischief.

Amazingly, he wasn’t drunk or mad at anyone.  Instead, he said that he loved the windows.

So, one has to ask, if he loved the windows, then why did he proceed to smash them?

Bruneau was quoted as saying, “I like to hear the glass tinkle.”

Glass Window
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