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Illuminated Tires

Next up we have tires that were developed by the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company that were first introduced to the public in 1960.  The cool thing about these tires was that they could be lit up in a rainbow of colors.

This was not done by having lightbulbs of varying colors shine down from above.  Instead, the tires were made from a specially compounded synthetic rubber named Neothane that was translucent in nature. The tires were made by pouring the liquid Neothane into molds, a colored dye then added, and then cured in an industrial oven.  Forget about those boring black rubber tires; these Neothane tires could be made in hot pink, green, blue, or whatever color suited the buyer’s taste.

To light up the tires, electrical current was fed through a special wiring device to eighteen small bulbs that were mounted in the rim. 

The tires were most famously installed on the Golden Sahara II, a late-1950s concept car, but these vibrant colorful tires never caught on.  There are pictures of the tires online, so be sure to search them out. My hunch is that if they were reintroduced today, more buyers would purchase them to spruce up their wheels.

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