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Leaves Estate to “Dumb Animals”

On February 23, 1949, 93-year-old Eunice A. White, a retired music teacher, passed away in Williamstown, Massachusetts.  Funeral services were then held at the First Congregational Church, which was just a short distance from her residence on Hoxey Street.

Her will, which had been drawn on October 22, 1934, had been handwritten on two sheets of paper and read as follows:

“After all expenses are paid I give to the Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals all I have with the exception of $1.00 to my half sister, Martha Smith of Pasadena, Cal., and $1.00 to Anna White who has been amply provided for by her father, my half brother.”

$1.00 in 1949 would be approximately $11.00 today.

The second page was titled Notes and said:

“1. My reason for giving the little that I have to help keep from abuse those who cannot speak for themselves is that I consider the abuse of our dumb animals the worst crime since slavery.”

“2. It is my desire that whoever is appointed executor shall be a person who loves our dumb animals and that it be without bond. The little that I have is in the North Adams Savings bank.”

If you are thinking they found a fortune when they checked her account, that didn’t happen. No accounting was provided as to how much money was in the bank, but it was believed to be a small amount. But, every little bit does help.

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