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Retrograph – 1917: War-Bread Wagon

Note: Use the slider above to compare the black & white original to the colorized photograph.

This photograph shows women cooks of the New York City Food Aid Committee demonstrating how to bake breads and other baked goods using wheat substitutes, such as corn and rye, as part of a conservation drive to save food for the war effort during World War I; they travel around New York City in a truck labeled “The War-Bread Wagon” and with signs that state “New York City Food Aid Committee 280 Madison Avenue N.Y.”, “Watch for this truck in your district”, “Have you tried War bread? It is palatable and saves Wheat”, “Have you asked your baker for War Bread?”, and “Won’t you help us to help others to solve the Food Problem”. The truck, parked on Fifth Avenue, has attracted a small crowd.

October 1917.

The original black & white image can be found on the Library of Congress website.

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