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It was reported on January 25, 1961 that 3-year-old Eddie Jones was being sued for $50,000 (about $390,000 today) for reckless driving. His vehicle of choice? His tricycle.

Yes, you heard that correctly. It seems that Bertha Wolf, who was employed as a maid in the Jones’ household, was struck by the tricycle on August 26th of 1960. She claimed that she had “suffered extensive injuries and mental anguish.”

The suit, filed by Bertha’s husband Homer Wolfe in federal court, claimed “Little Eddie who was on his tricycle gathered a full head of steam and without any warning yell of any nature propelled his tricycle with great force into the body of Bertha Wolfe while her back was turned.”

I was unable to find out any further information on this story, but I think it is safe to assume that little Eddie eventually grew up and got a real driver’s license.

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