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Footnote – 1947: Doctor Wins Bet but Client Dies After Paying Off

(This story was published on the front page of the Murfreesboro Daily News-Journal on November 12, 1947, and is reprinted word-for-word below.)

Doctor Wins Bet But Client Dies After Paying Off

Boston, Nov. 12.—(U.P.)—Ten years ago a doctor told Allan Sharp of Boston he was suffering from heart disease and needed a rest.

But Sharp couldn’t see fit to take a rest. He said he would go on working until he reached retirement age.

“Of course. I’ll never live that long,” he said. “I’d have to live until I was 65 to retire and I’ll never make it. I’ll bet you $10 I’m dead before I’m 65.”

“I have a hunch you’ll be all right,” the doctor said. “I’ll take that bet.”

Sharp was 65 yesterday and he retired from the Boston Edison Co.

“First thing I am going to do is mail the doctor the $10,” he told his wife. “I’m going right out and do it now.” ($10 is approximately $125 today.)

On the way downtown, he dropped into the neighborhood drugstore to see his old friend, Christopher Cirullo.

“This is my 65th birthday and I’m still alive,” he explained happily. “The doctor won. I’m on my way to pay the bet.”

Sharp posted the letter in the mailbox in front of the drugstore and hurried home. He dashed up the three flights of stairs to his apartment and dropped dead.

Doctor Wins Bet but Client Dies After Paying Off
Original story as it appeared in the Murfreesboro Daily News-Journal on November 12, 1947.
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