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Married Teacher Forced to Resign

On January 2, 1906, it was reported that teacher Miss Mana E. Hall had submitted her resignation to the Board of Education in Sedalia, Missouri. Her reason for doing so was that she had secretly married Herbert Stone the previous July.

As I have mentioned before, back then female teachers were expected to resign from their positions as soon as they were married, which is something that Miss Hall did not do.

The reason she didn’t tender her resignation was that the new couple was dependent on her salary until Mr. Stone could secure a permanent position.  He had been employed at various drug stores in Sedalia but his most recent job had been at the Missouri pharmacy, which had closed and was in the hands of creditors. He was working as a clerk at Chamois drug store at the time of his new bride’s resignation.

Mr. Stone had been renting rooms at 236 South Missouri Avenue which was owned by Mrs. Jennie Hall, who just happened to be the mother of his future bride.  Mrs. Hall chaperoned the young couple on a fishing trip in July 1905 when they decided to step away from camp and marry.

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