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Mule Causes Three Car Accidents

On August 4, 1960, a mule in Shallotte, North Carolina managed to wreck three cars.

As the mule was walking down the highway, it was first hit by a car driven by 25-year-old Earl Leo Sellers.  The mule was thrown on top of the car as it careened into a ditch. The mule was somehow able to stand back up and head right back out onto the highway.  Then, a car driven by 33-year-old Lucius Parker hit the mule before coming to a stop in a tobacco field.

The mule remained lying in the road for an additional 15-minutes, at which point a third car driven by Benjamin Booker hit him. The first two drivers ended up in the hospital with injuries. The mule was not as lucky and lost its life after the third collision.   

1942 image of Johnny and Kitty McLelland with a mule.
1942 image of Johnny and Kitty McLelland in Florida with a mule. Library of Congress image.
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