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Footnote – 1914: Speaking English Deforms the Mouth

(This article originally appeared on page 1 of the January 17, 1914 publication of the Los Angeles Times and is reprinted word-for-word below.)


English Language Deforms the Mouth, a Nobleman Says.

By Cable and Direct Wire to The Times]

LONDON, Jan. 16 — [Exclu­sive Dispatch.]

Lord Ash­bourne, in a speech at a meet­ing of the Gaelic League in Vermoy, declared that speaking English continually, de­forms the mouth. He described Englishmen as having thin, prominent lips, long front teeth and the general appearance of a measly rabbit. The German language, Lord Ashbourne said, was strong and vigorous. The English language was in a state of decay. John Bull’s future, said Lord Ashbourne, was be­hind him. He was insular and nothing would bring him in touch with the outside world.

Speaking English deforms the mouth.
Speaking English deforms the mouth.

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