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Retrocast #3 – Podcast #156

This episode of the Useless Information Retrocast includes the following:

Question of the Day: What is the record for the most passengers on a single airplane flight?

Guinness World Record for Most passengers on an aircraft


Retrosponsor: Rinso

These commercials come from these radio episodes:

Big Town – Wilson is Shot – October 19, 1937

Allen Prescott – Going on a Diet – October 15, 1947

Call the Police – The Case of the Unknown Strangler – July 20, 1948



72-Year-Old Woman Marries 20-Year-Old Man (1926)

16-Year-Old Girl Jailed for Cursing (1953)

A Woman Had Some Run-Ins With Modern Appliances (1957)


Footnotes to History:

Speaking English Deforms the Mouth (1914)

Husband Refuses to Buy His Wife False Teeth (1928)

Mother Has Leap Year Babies (1936)

Lazy Man Makes Tough Job Simple (1947)

Dammed Missouri Valley Book Disappears in Flood (1952) – A copy of this book can be found on Archive.org

The Dammed Missouri Valley by Richard G. Baumhoff
The Dammed Missouri Valley by Richard G. Baumhoff. Read it for free on Archive.org.
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