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It was reported on July 20, 1936 that Long Valley, New Jersey constable named Will Searles had been staging a one-man war against a local nudist camp. His basic plan of attack was to shame the nudists into wearing clothes. He did this by constantly peeping over their fences.

The number of nudists did decline, but the war was about to escalate because the girlfriend of Searles’ son drove the family car into a ditch when she was distracted by the people bathing in the buff.

Searles was so outraged by their behavior that he pulled out his binoculars to hunt the nudists down.  About a half-dozen nudists sought cover in nearby brush, where Searles then warned them that they had to stop or risk arrest beginning the next week.

Searle’s plan was to invite hundreds of people to help him in his peeking. My guess is that there were many willing to help, but I’m not sure they really wanted the nudists to cover up.

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