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Footnote – 1949: High Flying Car

(This article originally appeared on page 48 of the December 8, 1949 publication of the Janesville Daily Gazette and is reprinted word-for-word below.)

High Flying Car

Aerodynamic engineers might check into what happened in Brighton, N.Y., when an auto driven by Raymond Boyle ran headon into a snowplow. What happened was that the auto used the blade of the plow as a ramp, took off, gained altitude rapidly, leveled off at 12 feet, sideswiped a telephone pole at that height, made a four-point landing and taxied to a halt 81 feet from the point of flight. In repairing the car. Mr. Boyle decided to reject suggestions from awestruck friends that he pressurize the cabin of the car for future flights.

Raymond Boyle used the blade of a snowplow to take flight in his car.
Raymond Boyle used the blade of a snowplow to take flight in his car.
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