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RetroRewind – 1957: Kodak 300 Slide Projector

Vintage commercial for the Kodak 300 Slide Projector with the Readymatic changer. The ad mentions that this slide projector sold for as little as $64. 50. Adjusted for inflation, this would be approximately $600 today.

Note the lack of a slide carousel, which became the standard in later models. The slide carousel was invented by Louis Misuraca, who sold his rights to Kodak. The first carousel model was the Kodak Model 550, which was introduced to the market in 1961.

The Kodak 300 projector was manufactured in Rochester, New York, USA, and was available in two colors: turquoise 147917 and black 147918.

1957, Black and white, 1 minute in length.

Archive.org clip.

Kodak 300 Projector
Kodak 300 Projector ad that appeared in Sports Illustrated, May 13, 1957, page 73.
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