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Lost Coat Found

An amazing coincidence was told in the news on May 23, 1932.  While on a flight from Russia back in November of 1920, a man named Alexis Davidoff gave his trench coat to someone in need.

What happened to that coat after that is unknown, but imagine his surprise when he saw that same coat being worn by actress Miriam Hopkins eleven years later while Davidoff was serving as the technical director on the movie set for “The World, the Flesh, the Devil.”

Apparently, the wardrobe department at Paramount Studios had been purchasing garments from Russian refugees for the past decade and his coat was among the several hundred they had obtained.

Miriam Hopkins with her ex-husband Anatole Litvak on December 25, 1939.
Miriam Hopkins with her ex-husband Anatole Litvak on December 25, 1939. Library of Congress image.
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