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Parrot In Tree Cries ‘I Like Ike’ (Footnote to History)

(This article originally appeared on page 3 of the May 31, 1952 publication of the Baltimore Sun and is reprinted word-for-word below.)

London, May 30 (AP)—Feminine cries of “I like Ike!” rang through the trees around the houses of Parliament today. Startled officials found 24-year-old Jeanne Thurgar trying to lure her parrot Benji out of a fig tree.

“I taught him to say ‘I like Ike,’” she explained, and answer it as a summons. She said Benji escaped from her near-by Baker street apartment a week ago and has spent most of his time around Parliament since.

At nightfall he was still up the tree.

In 1952, a parrot was taught to say "I Like Ike."
In 1952, a parrot had been taught to say “I Like Ike.”
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