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The last two posts offered early criticism of Elvis and The Beatles.  It would be just too easy to pick on this next group: The Bee Gees. Instead, here is a story about a death threat against the group:

Clearly, a lot of people loved their music and some truly hated the Brothers Gibb.

A February 12, 1971 article discusses something that, if it had really happened, could have saved those haters from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack and all of the derivative disco music that it spawned.

It was reported that an anonymous male called the office of Robert Stigwood, the Bee Gees manager, who coincidentally recently passed away, and threatened to blow up the Bee Gees.

The caller said he was going to plant a bomb in the reception room at the Hampshire House Hotel in New York just before the Bee Gees were scheduled to arrive that afternoon.

Police cordoned off the area around the hotel and did a search, but failed to locate a bomb.  

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