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Footnote – 1935: Tarantula in Britches

(This article originally appeared on page 1 of the March 30, 1935, publication of the Decatur Daily and is reprinted word-for-word below.)

Yes…We Have Some Bananas! Tarantula Too!

MONTGOMERY, Ala. March 30    AP

 A truck loaded with bananas, bounded crazily, drunkenly down the street finally coming to a stop against the curbing as Policeman Bill Collins raced up and bounded on the running board beside the driver.

“Who do you think you are? Major Seagrave or who?” shot the infuriated officer — who bounded off the running board at the driver’s quaking answer:

“Officer I’ve gotta tarantula in my britches.”

Policeman Collins “operated” on the driver’s pants with his knife – and out dropped the big poisonous spider.

A slap from the officer’s blackjack killed the tarantula and Policeman Collins smiled as he walked away and placed an unused subpoena book back in his pocket.

A little shaky, R.L. Hathaway of Pensacola, went back to his driver’s seat, continuing with the load of bananas.

Original article describing the tarantula encounter.
Original article describing the tarantula encounter.
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