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Retrocast #5 – Podcast #160

This episode of the Useless Information Retrocast includes the following:

Question of the Day: What famous performer sang the 1962 song “The Lone Teen Ranger?”

Retrosponsor: Log Cabin Syrup

This commercial is from the January 22, 1938 broadcast of The Log Cabin Jubilee starring Jack Haley.


Proud Father Kidnaps Baby (1911)

Mother of Two Jailed for Cooking a Woodpecker (1932)

Einstein Offers Student Incorrect Math Advice (1952)

Footnotes to History:

Bride Is Her Own Grandmother (1902)

Snake Joins Woman in Bathtub (1926)

A High Flying Car (1949)

Teacher Demonstrates a Filmstrip Projector (1950)

Man Brings Sink and Daughter to Hospital (1953)

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